About Me


Michael Hayden

7 years experience as a .NET developer (VB and C#), during which time I fell in love with database design and accurately capturing and categorizing data.
I am now a data architect utilizing MS Sql Server, SSAS, Netezza, and some custom code to provide comprehensive dimensional data of excellent quality to math wizards (aka the data analysts).

See more about me in my LinkedIn profile.

Have any questions about me or my blog, or any specific questions you might want me to cover in an article? You can reach me by email at: sqlspellbook@outlook.com, or on twitter: @mhayden7.

Logo and header art provided by Damon Rose.


  1. Ha, you know I hadn’t noticed that! Originally I was going to just name the whole site after myself, but it was already taken.

    I need no touch up my ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages, so I’ll add it soon.


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