Triggers, Apps, or CDC? Pros and Cons of 3 Data Audit Techniques

People are in your data. They’re looking at it, even changing it. Should they be stopped? Did they break something? If so, who broke it? When? These are common questions that come up (especially after someone breaks something), and DBAs are often called upon to solve the problem. Here are three great ways to start identifying your data gremlins: (more…)

5 Great Articles on Data – Oct. 2015

The Unbearable Lightness of Data

Have you ever tried explaining your job to family or friends and seen their eyes glaze over? Will Thrash explains it better than we did. In the first 15 minutes or so of this video he talks about how he first got interested in data at a young age, and why it still holds his interest to this day. You can tell he gets why we do what we do, and why we all love it. (more…)